About Present Tales

  • About the music:

    I have known Marcin Gałażyn for many years and what he has achieved with his first solo piano album has surprised me immensely.


    I did not expect that he would produce such a well-rounded project called Present Tales, which is a collection of piano miniatures.


    Dr.hab Maciej Jabłoński - composer, lecturer at the Academy of Music in Krakow, publicist - "Ruch Muzyczny", "Glissando", co-author of the "Guide to concert music" (PWM 2003/2004)


  • List of songs

    1.      Dreaming about...

    2.      Like a princess in the tower

    3.      In flagranti

    4.      Lola love lullaby

    5.      Ballerina

    6.      Scherzo

    7.      Carte blanche

    8.      Holiday in Santiago

    9.      Feng shui

    10.  After midnight

    11.  Portret of wife (from DIARY OF A BEHOLDER movie)

    12.  Seaside






music & performance: Marcin Gałażyn
concept & direction : Jarosław Migoń
choreography: Monika Myśliwiec
dance: Patrycja Szynkarczuk
photos: Jarosław Migoń, Dominik Lichota, Jarosław Wronka, Juan Walle
stylization: Justyna Krzepkowska
makeup: Magdalena Tajber
clapperboard: Wienia Łężniak
production: grafiQa 2018










Supported by grafiQa.pl | Cover: Joanna Styrylkska Cover photos: Dominik Lichota myMedia
Copyrights Marcin Gałażyn 2021 All rights reserved

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